Asana Practice

Over time we developed our own style of practicing and teaching asana. We encourage students, first with meditation and then with movement, to express their inner awareness in external form. This is the idea behind meditation in motion. The inseparable nature of the emotional, physical, mental and energy bodies glows inside each practitioner in a way unique to them. In their classes Nöle and Gary offer a rough draft of the pose from which students create their specific variation. This style of yoga, combining meditation and movement, is deep, personally empowering and safe. It’s a form of inquiry, a call and response, where the body provides guidance for its own nurture to the listening yogi.

Tenderpaws yoga suggests that the asanas belong to every yogi and not just the teacher. Each pose is simply an expression of an individual’s best attempt to move in harmony with the truth as they understand it in the moment of movement. When each yogi is practicing with as much honesty and compassion available, the poses become more than exercise—they become shamanic pathways into previously unexplored terrain.