"When we want this moment to be other than it is we experience stress and internal conflict: We separate from what is. 

Change occurs when we are no longer absorbed and tangled up in likes and dislikes. Attention that was bound in reaction is now available for healing and transformation."

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„Alles erzählt vom Einen- das Eine spürbar in Allem. Die Dualität ist in der Nicht- Dualität enthalten.“

- Nöle Giulini

“Who Are You” - A Resource for Self-Inquiry and Co- Meditation

80 colorful cards with emotional body gestures, brochure, in cardboard box

Sometimes we have no words for what we are feeling. Or we have words but they bring no comfort. It might be helpful then to choose an image that expresses your experience and enter into a contemplative relationship with it.

The question “Who Are You” that is traditionally used for meditative self-inquiry tends to take us into thinking mind. These evocative cards represent emotional body gestures as stand-ins for a current albeit fleeting state that invite through feeling and sensing a deep dive into our true nature.

Welcoming what wants to be seen, heard or connected with as image or object outside of us will open up perspective. These cards enrich a personal practice as well as group settings such as workshops or retreats. Health care professionals may find them beneficial in therapeutic settings. These cards show colorful emotional body gestures that can be used as a resource for self-inquiry and co-meditation for working with individuals or in a class- or workshop setting.

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Termine 2021 - Nöle Giulini in Europe

Seminare & Ausbildungen Workshops and Level 1 & 2 Trainings

08.12.September 2021
Retreat:The Practice of Welcoming iRest®Yoga Nidra Meditation:
VENABU Fjellhotell, Venabygd, Norwegen (Seminarsprache: Englisch)
Anmeldung: www.osloyoga.no

22.26.September 2021
Retreat:The Practice of Welcoming iRest®Yoga Nidra Intensiv:

05.-10.Oktober 2021
iRest® Yoga Nidra Level 1 Ausbildung:
MaRah Seminarhaus, Rahden

22.-24.Oktober 2021 Einführungskurs: The Practice of Welcoming - iRest®Yoga Nidra
Meditation: Polarity Bildungszentrum, Zürich, Schweiz

02.-07.November 2021 Einführungskurs: The Practice of Welcoming - iRest®Yoga Nidra
Meditation: ZIST Institut, Penzberg

20.-25.November 2021 iRest® Yoga Nidra Level 2 Ausbildung:
Seminarhaus Hollerbühl, Hochschwarzwald

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