iRest Meditation

Integrative Restoration (iRest) is a dynamic meditation practice derived from the ancient wisdom teachings of Yoga Nidra and the Non-Dual tradition. The process combines the tools of self-inquiry, co-meditation and modern brain research. It is done sitting or lying down comfortably, in groups as guided meditation, or in individual sessions. Anyone can do it !

There are no requirements or skills necessary other than the willingness and curiosity to attend to what each moment reveals. iRest has proven to be extremely helpful in relieving stress, physical and emotional pain, anxiety and fear, insomnia, PTSD, depression, and addictive patterns. The practice also elucidates the dimension of depth and translucence, as it can bring profound insights and awakening.

iRest and the Yoga of Inquiry are powerful and effective processes of becoming aware of the layers of identification that keep us from experiencing ourselves as Presence.

Presence, or Awareness, can be described as the background out of which the forms of body, mind and emotion arise and into which they dissolve. When we immerse into the feeling quality of this frequency we realize our connectedness with everything and everyone, and we strengthen our capacity to be fully present with what is. When we want this moment to be other than it is we experience stress and internal conflict : we seperate from what is. Change occurs when we are no longer absorbed and tangled up in likes and dislikes. Attention that was bound in reaction is now available for healing and transformation.

Set yourself free into simply being.